Presentation of the XIII EMRSS edition - From 27 to 30 november 2017

Manual medicine is in effect a medical discipline especially after the review by Robert Maigne at the end of the 50s, in fact, its merit is to have turned a still largely empirical method in a rigorous science based on clinical observation and anatomical and pathological studies.
Knowledge in neurophysiopathology especially spinal pain are constantly evolving and this is a field of action of Doctor physiatrist who must know the mechanisms of dysfunction and spinal pain and, after the diagnostic approach, applying the most appropriate techniques such as classical Manipulations associated with posterior articular infiltration, the re-education exercises reviewed in the knowledge base that the Manual Medicine can give, to the processing of tender points by laser or needles or utrasuoni or mesotherapy and / or local infiltration.
The 13th course of Euromediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School aims these purposes: give the physiatrist the knowledge and the skills to operate in the field of a suitable selection of the technical operating manual Medicine even with the necessary comparisons with the so-called methods on the margins of mainstream medicine such as Osteopathy (founded by book Andrew Taylor Still, a doctor, was born in 1830 and died in 1917) and Chiropractic (founded by Daniel David Palmer, a salesman from Davenport who in 1894 introduced this discipline), however, included as a health care profession in other countries ( in the United States since 1973).