Francesco Cirillo

Franco Franchignoni
Nicolas Christodoulou
Jorge Lains
Xanti Michail
Rolf Frischknecht
Vincenzo Saraceni
Alessandro Giustini

Raffaele Gimigliano
Marco Franceschini
Roberto Casale
Calogero Foti
Mauro Zampolini
Amparo Assucena
Gulseren Akiutz
Francesca Gimigliano
Klemen Grabljevec
Milicia Lazovic
Giulia Letizia Mauro
Pietro Marano.

The Euro Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School is an Association created by the Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the University Union “Archimede” (formed by the University of Catania and the district of Syracuse), the University Union Megara Ibleo (formed by the University of Messina and the districts of the industrial area) and Franco Cirillo, representing the regional group of S.I.M.F.E.R.

The School was born on the 13th of September 2005, after that the Scientific Societies I.S.P.R.M., E.S.P.R.M. and the Mediterranean Forum P.R.M., actually partners of the E.M.R.S.S., showed their interest towards an International area. At that time it was necessary to have a physical structure where organize every year high level courses for young doctors, coming from the European and the Mediterranean Countries, that are going to specialize themselves in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

The decision to place the School in Sicily, in the town of Syracuse, was taken during the 4th Congress of the Mediterranean Forum P.R.M. of the 2002; under the advice of Haim Ring and the support of Nicolas Christodoulou and Alessandro Giustini.

During the 2008 the Foundation S. Angela Merici Onlus (Rehabilitation Institute operating in Syracuse since the 1996) became a member of the E.M.R.S.S. and since that moment the official location of the School has been moved to Via p.zza Armerina, at the same address of the Foundation ( Again in the 2008, during the Congress in Portose, the Euro Mediterranean School has been named after Haim Ring and since that moment its name has been changed to Haim Ring PRM School.

The School has its own Scientific Committee that establishes every year the educational programme of the Summer School; it is also organised in the local area with the University Units and the Foundation S. Angela Merici Onlus, facing in this way everything necessary for the course in the summertime.

Participants of the course are 40 students specializing in PRM, 15 of whom come from Italian Universities and the others from Universities of Mediterranean Countries. Teachers and Chairmen are specialised doctors and internationally known. The Course is residential and it is free for the young specializing students.

A short presentation of the E.M.R.S.S.