15th EMRSS Course

Dear Friends,

it is with great satisfaction that I communicate to you the final data of the participation of young students in the 15th EMRSS course:

1) active attendance during the course on November 11 - maximum 250 (for almost the entire duration) - minimum 210 (only late hours).

2) course views delayed until today November 17 - 1030

It was a success that was achieved thanks to your commitment, your collaboration, your enthusiasm. Many thanks to all.

A special thanks to SIMFER who sponsored the platform and to MEDIK (in particular to Guido) who made the web connection possible.

I also send you the link to be able to review the course on a deferred basis or, if you think so, to send it to other students so that they can participate on a deferred basis.

Best regards. Franco

Instructions for enrolling in the 15th EMRSS course

To participate in the XV course of the EMRSS it is necessary to register at the following link: http://bit.ly/Registrazione_EMRSS_2020. At the end of the registration an additional link will be provided to follow the course.


The 15th EMRSS Course will be held with the remote method (webinar).
Students recommended by scientific societies and international associations through the General Managers of their countries will be able to participate live.
The reports will be made by SIMFER - ESPRM - UEMS - MF PRM.
Recommended students will be sent the link a few days before the start of the course to participate in the live webinar.
During the broadcast it is not possible to speak live and it is not possible to send chats. At the end of the course, those interested can send an email to the teacher for any questions on the subject dealt with.
After one month from the course it will be entered (as registration) on the EMRSS website so that everyone can view it but will not be able to send questions.
The course will be held on 11 November 2020 from 16:00 to 20:00.
Please find attached the new updated program

Communication for the 2020 EMRSS course

Due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year only the trainees reported by SIMFER, UEMS, ESPRM MED.FORUM PRM will be admitted with limited numbers. Please do not send registration requests and do not make transfers.

Presentation video of the EMRSS